Patricia Escobar

From Paraguay

Curriculum Vitae

Graduated from the Universidad Autonoma del Paraguay in 2005, continued her education in Endodontics in the Uninga institute of Bauru, Brasil 2006 -2007, getting the degree of Specialist in Endodontics and then attended the Master program at Sao Leopoldo Mandic University of Sao Paulo Brasil 2007-2010. Has given many local and international Lectures ( Brasil, Peru, Bolivia, USA, Venezuela, Argentina) and also have scientific articles published. Coordinator of the Endodontics posgraduation program in ECO Institute. Asuncion - Paraguay. AAE member.

Lecture Info

Title Date Hour
Reverse Treatment Planning in Endodontics 27/05/2016 15:00 GMT


Reverse Treatment Planning in Endodotics starts with the planification of the post endodontic restoration, so we are starting our planification taking into account the end result of the treatment and from there going backwards. In most endodontics cases it is clear if a post will be needed or not for the final restoration, by knowing that we can plan the endodontic treatment . But some times only after the access cavity is done we can do a real post endodontic planning treatment, because some cracks could be found, and also the initial residual tooth structure may have changed. So… analysing the residual tooth structure, the biomechanics considerations, presence or not of parafuntion. We can decide from the begging of our Endo treatment. is there is a need or not for a provisional or protection of the cusps to prevent some cracks propagations and cusps fracture. In this lecture I will show a few endodontic clinical cases where the reverse Planning treatment was done to help us save time and appoinments in the final restoration.