Valentin Preve

From Uruguay


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In January 14th of this year 2016, my friend Valentin Preve left us forever… I will never forget the excitement and enthusiasm of Valentin when I invited him to this International Endo Masters 2016. I was not surprised with his reaction, though, as Valentin always had a joyful and vivid way of living friendship, Endodontics and life itself. I also knew he was a believer and supporter of everything new technologies brought to our beloved specialty, and a true admirer of the International Endo Masters project. This is a message he left in my Facebook timeline soon after the end of Endo Masters 2015…

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Rest in peace, Valentin, and be sure you will forever be in our hearts, for the inspiring person, the genuine friend and the devoted Endo Master you always were.

This Endo Masters 2016 is for you, mi amigo!


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